Australia could run on 100% renewables by 2030 – report

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Australia: Renewables could supply 100% of Australia’s electricity by 2030 if its existing carbon tax was reinforced. A new study found that a A$50-100 price on carbon could make wind and solar competitive with fossil fuels. Australia’s opposition leader Tony Abbott has said he would ditch the existing A$23 carbon tax if he wins September’s election. (WAToday)

Raising Australia’s carbon tax to A$50-100 could lead the country towards 100% renewables by 2030 (Source: Flickr/mugley)

Arctic: The Arctic winter sea ice maximum was the fifth lowest in the past 35 years. Sea ice ebbs and flows with the seasons. The summer minimum in 2012 reached a new record low. Arctic sea ice has a big role in reflecting sunlight away from the surface of the earth. If the darker sea is exposed instead, it absorbs energy and warms the Earth. (Times of India)

China: The International Energy Association (IEA) which counts 28 industrialised nations among its membership, is set to invite China and other developing countries with a large oil demand for talks. An IEA source told Reuters the objective was to create “a closer alliance on energy security, environmental sustainability and data sharing”. (Reuters)

USA: The USA needs a new strategy to protect its Arctic territory according to a new report by a Department of Interior committee. With an increase in oil and mining development in Alaska underway, the authors call for a coordinated effort to ensure the local environment is protected during this process. The Alaska Oil and Gas Association welcomed the report saying it could pave the way for “the responsible development” of the State’s resources. (Reuters)



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