UK govt faces backlash at plans to cut climate education

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UK: The Foreign Secretary’s former climate envoy John Ashton is leading calls for Education Secretary Michael Gove to scrap plans to cut climate change from parts of the national curriculum for under 14s. Ashton says it would be a “betrayal” and calls climate change a “defining challenge”. (Guardian)

Students have opened an online petition which you can access here.

The UK Youth Climate Coalition is leading calls for Michael Gove to reconsider proposals to scrap climate change from parts of the UK syllabus

UK: The shale gas industry does not need any subsidies to succeed in the UK. Today’s UK Budget could include support for firms looking to frack for shale gas in Britain, but Nick Grealy, a pro-shale gas activist stressed that the industry is not asking for financial support. (RTCC)

Canada: Only the fattest polar bears can survive changing temperatures, experts in the Arctic report. “Climate-induced changes that cause sea ice to melt earlier, form later, or both, likely affect the overall health of polar bears in the area. Ultimately, for polar bears, it’s survival of the fattest,” said Dr Seth Cherry from the University of Alberta (Telegraph)

USA: US transport emissions could drop 80% by 2050 according to a study commissioned by the Department of Energy (DoE). The cuts would be achieved by a combination of vehicle efficiency measures, increasing electric and hydrogen car numbers together with the continued development of the biofuels sector. (RTCC)

USA: The USA’s onshore wind and biofuel resources are larger than the country’s proven oil reserves, according to a new study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). (RTCC)


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