Coal power emissions “kill 100,000” in India

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India: Around 100,000 people in India were killed in 2011-2012 by emissions from coal power stations according to a report by Greenpeace. The study also found that millions of cases of asthma and heart disease could be attributed to coal power. (Greenpeace)

Canada: The chief of the Dene Nation indigenous people in Canada has called for a collected effort to halt tar sands extraction. Bill Erasmus is in Europe this week as politicians in Brussels mull legislation that could effectively block the import of Canadian tar sands. (RTCC)

Dene Nation leader Bill Erasmus’ tar sands Letter by

Greenland: Tuesday’s general election in Greenland is a referendum on how much the islanders want to exploit their natural resources, according to commentators. The current government has been criticised for allowing too many foreign companies in. Greenland, which has self-rule from Denmark on all issues apart from defence, has huge oil and mineral deposits. (EurActiv)

Spain: UK supermarket chain ASDA is to turn to bananas from the Canary Islands rather than Central America as it tries to cut its carbon footprint. It takes 20 days less to ship fruit from the Spanish islands off the coast of Africa than from more familiar exporters in Costa Rica and Guatemala. (The Guardian)

USA: Climate change is the most likely factor to “cripple the global security environment” according to Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of US forces in the Pacific. (Boston Globe)



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