Keystone XL pipeline analysis criticised by Sierra Club

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USA: Green activists and climate change scientists have slammed a new report from the Obama administration that raises no serious objections to building a massive and controversial oil pipeline. (Guardian)

Leading climate campaigner Bill McKibben says Keystone will be the most ‘fateful decision’ Obama will ever make (Pic: Peter Louwe)

UK: Boris Johnson has launched a drive to turn London into a “smart city” that uses technology to improve its transport system, administration and infrastructure. (Financial Times)

UK: Britain’s stuttering ‘new nuclear’ programme is placing the country’s ambitious carbon reduction targets at risk, an influential committee of MPs has concluded. (RTCC)

UK: The Environment Agency has warned Britons to prepare for future extreme weather after flooding hit parts of England and Wales one in every five days last year. (Huffington Post)

Science: New Antarctic ice core data has revealed a stronger link between CO2 and temperature during the end of the last ice age. (RTCC)

Science: A team led by the University of Colorado-Boulder believes volcano emissions may be hiding higher levels of global warming. (RTCC)

UNFCCC: The Like Minded Group of nations has called for more ambition at the UN climate talks – in a statement released after a meeting last week the group says ‘the commitment and ambition level of developed countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions’ must be at the core of a new global deal (RTCC)

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