Avaaz launch drive to boost US climate finance contributions

Campaign group Avaaz are calling on US citizens to email the White House and urge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to offer more climate funding in Doha.

Finance is proving one of the main blocks to a satisfactory deal at the UN talks in Doda. Avaaz say the White House has given instructions for no new pledges in Doha because of the ‘fiscal cliff’ discussions.

They say the State Department has interpreted that as a ‘complete red line’ on anything related to finance.

Senior campaigner Iain Keith said: “The goal of the campaign is to urge Clinton to untie chief negotiator Todd Stern’s hands so he can signal the US’ intent not to abandon the world’s most vulnerable countries. Hillary made the $100bn fund possible in Copenhagen, now she has to cement her legacy before she leaves office.”

To take part visit the Avaaz website

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