UK Energy Bill uncertainty on climate ambition ahead of Doha summit

By Tierney Smith

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Friday 23 November

Last updated: 1700

Scotland: MSPs have dismissed claims by US tycoon Donald Trump that wind farms will destroy the country’s tourism industry, following an inquiry into Scotland’s renewable energy targets. The investigation concluded that the country could feasibly deliver 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. (BusinessGreen)

US: President Obama is under pressure to show that he is serious about climate change, ahead of next week’s climate talks in Doha. Every statement from the US diplomats in Doha is expected to be scrutinised for sign that Obama will make climate change a priority in his second term. (Guardian)

UK: The long awaited Energy Bill has been published, setting out the government’s plans to keep the lights on and emissions down. The government has laid out plans for £7.6 in investment for low-carbon electricity infrastructure by 2020, but say household bills will have to be raised to pay for it. The Bill also pushes back the decision on setting carbon emissions targets to 2030.

Environmentalists have condemned the bill, saying it will make it hard for the UK to meet its law on climate change. (BBC)

Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband spoke out on climate change and the decarbonisation target yesterday, slamming the coalition government for not being up to the task of being the ‘greenest government ever’. (Guardian)

COP18: Could Qatar be set to lead a transformation of the international climate process? As countries gather in Doha for the UN climate talks, analysts argue that the Gulf States could be looking for a big initiative to underline their credentials on the world stage. (Business Day Live)

Worldwide: As Black Friday shopping fever hits the US, a new survey find two thirds of consumers recognise the need to buy fewer products and make sure the ones they do buy are good for the environment and society. A poll of 6,224 people from the US, UK, Brazil, China, India and Germany shows the trend is much more pronounced in emerging markets where 82% of those asked said they felt a sense of responsibility over their purchases. (BusinessGreen)

COP18: Finance is set to be a key issue in Doha. This year saw major leaps taken to make the Green Climate Fund operational; but the fund still remains empty. RTCC’s John Parnell takes a look at some of the innovative ways countries can reach their target of $100 billion a year in funding by 2020.

Canada: Lone Green Party MP, Elizabeth May told RTCC that Canada’s withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol had undermined the integrity of the agreement, as well as any future agreement to come. Speaking ahead of the UN climate talks in Doha, she called on other parties of the convention to denounce the country’s stance of climate.

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