Climate Live: Global geoengineering scheme would cost $5bn a year; Shell gets green light for Arctic drilling

By John Parnell

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Latest news – Friday 31 August

1700: We take a look back over the first two days of discussions on the future of the LCA in Bangkok. The rift between the developing and developed countries appears to be widening as they debate what should become of the negotiations stream.

1600: More news coming out of Bangkok. Island nations have said they would not support a move to include emissions from the destroying of HFC-23 in new carbon markets.

Chinese and Indian chemical factories have made hundreds of million of dollars by destroying the waste gas (12,000 times more potent than CO2) – getting CERs which could fetch as much as 20 euros for the process of destroying the gas which cost a few cents.

Their exclusion from a new treaty would close the door on this once highly lucrative source of carbon revenue.

1500: The World Bank has issued a global hunger warning after severe drought in the US and eastern Europe sent food prices to a record high.

1400: Interesting piece from Green Prophet on November’s UNFCCC talks in Doha…will Israel be allowed to come? At the moment the Israeli Secret Service is unhappy to let Environment Minister Uzi Landau travel until there is a change in policy from the Qataris.

1300: Another geoengineering story now as plans to make “CO2 snow” using giant, wind-powered fridges in Antarctica are revealed. CO2 gas turns to a solid at -140C, it is hoped the chilly Antarctic weather could provide a useful headstart. The solid CO2 would be stored in landfills based on the frozen continent.

1140: If you’re a bit confused by carbon trading, James West from the Climate Desk has pieced together this lovely infographic that might just help…

1025: BANGKOK UPDATE – Developing countries continue to reiterate the need for help to adapt to climate change now.

0850: A new study released today has suggested that the cost of a climate quick-fix scheme to inject particles into the atmosphere to deflect the Sun’s radiation could be as little as $5bn a year.

0845: A UN panel has criticised the EU for the lack of transparency of its renewable energy policy.

The Compliance Committee of the Aarhus Convention on environmental policy transparency has urged the bloc to “ensure that the arrangements for public participation in a member state are transparent and fair and that…the necessary information is provided to the public”.

0840: Shell has been told it can begin preparatory drilling in the Chukchi sea off the coast of Alaska. The US Interior Department has told it that drilling for oil and gas will have to wait however until its spill containment plan has been approved.

Top tweets

Interesting news from the Bangkok climate change talks. The UN Secretariat is looking to encourage more engagement between government’s and civil society groups at November’s talks in Doha.


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