Climate Live: US drought send food prices up, England tracks natural capital and China oil industry becomes player in North Sea

By Tierney Smith

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Latest news – Tuesday 24 July

1700 The debate over what impact the US drought could have over food prices still rages. This article in the Financial Times warns that the world should brace itself for a global food crisis as climate change takes hold.

1600 Access to drinking water is a major issue in the developing world. Could a new solar powered water-filter bag be the answer?

1500 India says it is spending 2.6% of its GDP to deal with the impacts of climate change and is calling on rich nations to honour their commitments to address green issues.

1350 The San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club have filed a lawsuit against San Diego County for not doing enough to thwart global warming. The group challenged the county’s Climate Action Plan, saying San Diego needs a more enforceable strategy to reduce emissions.

1300 Blog post from GLOBE International Secretary General Adam Matthews argues that now is the time for the EU to work more with China rather than bickering over climate policy positions at UNFCCC negotiations.

And sticking with China, the country has identified 20 technologies that it will focus on to limit the effects of climate change and help it to adapt.

1200 Mexico’s new president could stop the country’s climate laws before they have even been fully implemented, say policy experts.

Enrique Pena Neito – who will take office in December after winning the election earlier this month – and his party the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s main focus is on accelerating economic growth and ramping-up oil and gas production.

1100 Every wondered what the carbon footprint of your summer holiday is? A new map, featured on the Guardian website, tracks the movements of a sample of residents from Greater Manchester and West Sussex to track the carbon footprint of UK leisure flying.

0900 Americans will face higher food prices because of the drought this summer, but the increase should not have a lasting impact on inflation, according to analysts.

The state of England’s natural world and the sustainability of its society and economy are set to be tracked as the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs releases its new sustainable development indicators.

China is set to become a major player in the North Sea, and operator of its biggest oil field, after announcing two deals worth almost £11 billion.

RTCC’s John Parnell takes a look at how monitoring and controlling traffic flow could be the key to cutting emissions from a sector responsible for 9.9% of global greenhouse gases.

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