Climate Live: Australia to expect more bushfires

By Tierney Smith

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Latest news – Monday 23 July

1700 Is UK government energy and climate policy failing the green economy? Check this comment piece from two experts who think the 2012 draft energy bill is yet another example of how not to promote renewable energy and meet climate targets.

1600 Latest from the fall-out of the the energy and climate change committee report in the UK.

A letter, published in the Guardian, shows an exchange between Chancellor George Osborne to Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey on 9 July. Osborne offers a deal to hold off cuts to wind power subsidies in exchange for Davey’s support on future gas-power.

It does not appear to mention the 2008 Climate Change Act, which is legally binding and sets clear ‘emission budgets’ for UK governments to abide by.

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1300 The worst drought to hit the US in half a century is adding pressure on natural-gas drillers to conserve the millions of gallons of water used in fracking. Farmers, activists and opponents of the process say the shortage of rain shows how important it is for the industry to recycle water and reduce its usage – efforts which could be costly.

1100 A new report from the Australian Climate Commission is warning of less rainfall and greater risks of bushfires in Victoria as climate change takes hold. Meanwhile, Tony Moore, manger of the climate change programme at the Australian Conservation Foundation said legislation which removes wind farms from a ‘level playing field’ with coal-fired power in the region should be overhauled to help combat climate change.

1000 In the UK, Tim Yeo, chair of the House of Commons’ energy and climate change committee has accused the UK Treasury of undermining government attempts to secure the future energy requirement of the country and improve green energy supply by meddling with the energy bill. MPs now say the bill is ‘unworkable’.

Representatives of Indigenous Pacific tribes plan to meet regularly to share information about how their coastal communities can deal with rising sea water, as the initial First Stewards symposium wraps up in Washington. The meeting brought together representatives from Hawaii, Guam, New Zealand, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas.

0900 A new study published in Nature Climate Change has said manmade climate change could be the main driver behind the unexpected emergence of a group of bacteria in Northern Europe that can cause gastroenteritis.

Just five days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, RTCC takes a look at some of the interesting and innovative design features which have made some of the arenas the most sustainable in an Olympics to date.

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Some of the reaction to the accusations the Treasury is undermining the Energy Bill…

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While drought in the US is raising concerns over global food prices…here in the UK, shops are also feeling the impacts of the local summer weather.

This picture comes from @clv101 on Twitter…

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