Climate Live: EU to launch war on food waste, UK green economy worth $31bn, IEA hails renewables potential & how ancient penguin poo feeds Antarctica

By John Parnell

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Thursday 5 July
Last updated: 1700 BST

Latest news

The International Energy Agency report that Renewable Energy will undergo an unprecedented burst of growth in the next 5 years. They say the amount of power generated from renewable sources will increase by 40% between now and 2017.

The CBI, an influential business lobby group in the UK, has said going green could be worth $31bn to the country’s economy. They’ve also outlined 10 handy ways in which governments can boost their green credentials.

A major insurance group has pointed the finger of blame for hold-ups in business legislation at the Rio+20 talks. Can you guess where it is pointed?

The EU is to step-up efforts to reduce food waste. Images of rotting surplus food in Europe were common in the 1990s. The bloc now wants to help consumers reduce their own waste too. A third of all food produced in the world is wasted.

A new study has highlighted the massive uncertainty in our estimates of global water resources. Water resource pressures are widespread reaching beyond equatorial regions. The UK’s was in a state of drought throughout spring until a period of sustained rains, resulting in flooding, ended it.

Youth profile #1

As the name suggests – it’s the first of a new series for us. RTCC is heading all across the world in the hunt for youth climate groups – this week we’re featuring Nigeria. Take a look and be inspired!

Big question

Is China’s environmental movement growing in power?

Top tweets

A little private sector collaboration goes a long way…


A new study claims to have figured out where Antarctica’s plants are getting there food. With no soil to speak of, a team has figured out that millennium old penguin poo has been supplying nutrients to the frozen continent’s moss.

Image(s) of the day

The shortlist for the Prix Pictet sustainable photography awards have been revealed and they are spectacular. This image by Daniel Beltra shows the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The theme of this years competition was Power. See all the entries here.




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