Climate Live: Calls for EU to adopt ambitious Co2 targets, climate change falls down US environmental agenda & sharp sea level rises seen in Oz

By John Parnell

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Tuesday 3 July
Last updated: 1700 BST

Latest News

There are fresh calls for the EU to bolster its CO2 reduction targets. European Commission President Manuel Barroso has joined Friends of the Earth (see below) and UK Climate Change Minister Greg Barker in calling for a more ambitious cut of 30%.

The UK launched its centre-piece policy on residential energy efficiency. The much-maligned Green Deal offers loans to home owners to improve the nations creaking housing stock. Unfortunately, with interest rates of 7.5% (compared to 1% in Germany), the fanfare has not reached far beyond Westminster.

Pakistan’s new Ministry of Climate Change has revealed its plans. It believes the country faces an adaptation bill of $14bn each year for the next 40 years.

Climate change has been eclipsed by water and air pollution as the number one environmental concern in the US. The proportion of people listing it as their number one environmental worry has fallen from 33% in 2007 to 18% today. That compares to 29% citing air and water quality.

Scientists in Australia have detected a sharp rise in sea levels. They’ve backed up results from tidal gauges with satellite data to add weight to their estimate of 1.9mm a year. We’re just amazed anyone in Australia can get anything done, we’re still rolling in the aisles at one of the most bizarre TV interviews ever given…

Big question

What would happen if carbon dioxide leaked into the ocean from a CCS project? RTCC_tierney investigates…

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Video of the day

This escaped a lot of people’s attention given that it happened on the eve of Rio+20, but Senator John Kerry delivered a bruising 54 minute speech on the senate floor on climate change. Brave.

Stat of the day

$43 million – IBM’s energy efficiency savings according to its latest CSR report.

Picture of the day

Friends of the Earth Europe has set its sights on German Chancellor Angela Merkel…they want her to push the rest of the EU for a 30% targeted reduction CO2. The current goal is 20%.

Chancellor Merkel: Get to work on climate change!

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