Cartoon #1: Climate change is a hoax

Artist: Patrick Chappatte
First Published: World Meteorological Organisation Calendar

While most of the scientific world now agrees on the exisitence of climate change and the human causes of it, there is still some debate amongst a minority.

Climate sceptics argue that the current changes being witnessed in the Earth’s atmosphere are natural variations, and not a result of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The authors of the 2010 book Merchants of Doubt, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, however, accuse climate change “sceptics” of trying to sow seeds of doubt in public opinion in order to halt any meaningful social or political progress to reduce the impact of human carbon emissions.

The World Meteorological Organisation Calendar is published by Entico in partnership with the World Metrological Organisation (WMO) and is sponsered by Denso, with cartoons from the artist Patrick Chappatte.

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