Transparency is essential to make aviation climate deal work

As countries write the rules for airlines to offset their emissions growth, they must make sure there is no double-counting

Pacific islands are on a collision course with the shipping industry

The shipping industry could undermine global climate efforts. But Pacific islands and EU nations are joining together to force them to change.

China’s plan to cut shipping emissions

With pollution from shipping killing 18,000 Chinese every year, the government is cracking down on the use of dangerous fuels in port

Indonesia calls EU palm oil fuel ban ‘discriminatory’, ‘protectionist’

Indonesia’s foreign ministry has slammed the EU’s proposed ban on palm oil in biofuels

EU palm oil restrictions risk sparking trade spat

The European Parliament is set to back a ban on use of palm oil for biofuels, in a bid to protect rainforests, but exporters warn this would violate trade rules

Port of Amsterdam set to be coal-free by 2030

Major EU shipping hub is diversifying away from coal in line with a transition to lower carbon sources of energy, strategy paper reveals

Weekly wrap: Will China turn its back on coal?

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World is well placed to stay under 2C – if we have carbon capture

“We are broadly in the right starting position to keep warming below 2C,” but most models require carbon capture to meet the Paris goal, researchers say



British Airways: UN aviation deal won’t bite till 2030s

Lack of global coverage means new pact to limit aviation pollution will do little to limit carbon growth in 2020s says sustainability chief of one of world’s top airline groups

A global climate deal for aviation! So what next?

James Beard of WWF outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the carbon offsetting plan agreed for air travel – and work needed to align it with climate goals

Reaction: Aviation climate deal agreed in Montreal

A visionary approach or a green myth? Industry groups and campaigners give their verdict

UN aviation pact will not be aligned with Paris climate goals

Mention of the 1.5C and 2C global warming thresholds has been stripped from the latest text at Montreal talks

Qatar set to opt into UN aviation climate pact

Move by Middle Eastern airport hub boosts chances of a global deal to curb airline emissions in Montreal

EU urges global support for UN aviation climate plan

Leading airlines, US, China and EU all support plans for new UN aviation emissions deal, but green groups say it’s far to weak to limit 1.5C or 2C of warming

EU, Mexico, Marshall Islands back UN aviation pact

In a mini revival of the Paris “high ambition coalition”, developed and developing countries commit to voluntary carbon offsetting scheme

Jet fuel from waste industrial gases nears lift-off

Lanzatech and Virgin Atlantic say their “game changer” process could fuel its first low carbon flight next year



EU clashes with maritime industry over ship emissions

If the UN shipping body does not regulate climate pollution in international waters, EU lawmakers want to include the industry in the bloc’s carbon market

Mozambique expands coal port lapped by rising seas

Dignitaries celebrate the expansion of Maputo port, but experts warn fossil fuelled climate change threatens development gains

UN shipping body rejects EU climate initiative

Head of UN shipping body accused of “siding” with countries obstructing climate pact after penning warning against unilateral action to EU chiefs

Obama’s last climate play: US, Canada agree Arctic oil ban

Over 115 million acres of Arctic will be free from oil and gas exploration under decrees by leaders of US and Canada

Mayday, Mayday: UN’s shipping body needs a climate compass

Talks at the International Maritime Organization ended on Friday with a loose climate roadmap – here we explain what it means

UN to deliver climate plan for shipping in 2023

Envoys agree roadmap to tackle maritime sector’s rising share of global greenhouse gas emissions, but final plan won’t be ready for six years

Whiffs of sulphur: UN shipping talks face climate dilemma

Historic pact to cut sulphur emissions from shipping sector hailed by green groups, but slow progress suggests a climate deal is a long way off

UN faces deadlock over shipping climate deal plans

Emerging economies face off coalition of EU, African and small island states over plans to ratchet up reductions to industry’s CO2 pollution



US power sector emissions fall below transport: EIA

A shift away from coal curbed the electricity sector’s carbon footprint, while cars only got marginally cleaner

Fiat, Renault, VW scams will hasten rise of electric car

Emissions rigging scams are the “beginning of the end” of the diesel car, opening the door for electric vehicles

Beijing limits on car registration boost electric vehicles

Subsidies and regulations make EVs an appealing option, but the charging infrastructure needs to keep up with demand

German vice chancellor attacks China’s electric car targets

New proposals to set minimum quota for electric cars in China are “clearly discriminatory” toward German carmakers, says Sigmar Gabriel

Crib notes: shipping sulphur cuts offer hidden climate bonus

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Statoil chief: rise of electric cars will shrink oil industry

Once regarded as a joke, the electric car sector is growing fast with some predicting it could take a 35% share of car sales by 2035 – bad news for oil majors

Investors warn carmakers to clean up their act

Automobile companies need to get ready for a low carbon future, says $24trn investor network

Climate targets mean an end to oil-fuelled cars by 2035

The world needs to make a paradigm shift to electric vehicles, say experts, predicting that by 2050 half of all cars would need to be “zero-emissions”