UN shipping body mulls curbs on industry influence, citing climate concerns

The International Maritime Organization’s governing council has agreed to consider reforms, while documents show giving gifts for votes is standard practice

Airlines eye massive carbon handout

Brazil and China behind push to allow billions of tonnes of old carbon credits to be used to offset future growth in pollution

Gas is not the answer to shipping’s climate impact, study warns

The EU is investing heavily in LNG as a cleaner fuel for shipping, but it will not go far enough to cut emissions by 2050, according to consultancy UMAS

Fiat Chrysler to eliminate diesel passenger cars by 2021

Carmaker caught up in emissions rigging scandal calls time on diesel engines for passenger vehicles

Shipping to halve carbon footprint by 2050 under first sector-wide climate strategy

Countries adopted a compromise emissions target at the International Maritime Organization on Friday, with further battles to come over how to put it into practice

Shipping sector to weigh the effects of Arctic heavy fuel oil ban

The International Maritime Organization has started the process to force ships to use cleaner fuels in the sensitive north pole region

Countries inch towards ‘bare minimum’ climate target for shipping

EU and island leaders are calling for more ambition at the International Maritime Organization, while major emerging economies resist a tough cap on emissions

‘We have brought swallows into Milan’, says father of the vertical forest

Stefano Boeri dreamed up the idea of a living building from a childhood story, now he is exporting them around the world



Supersonic, super-rich, super-polluting: the next generation of business jets

Hundreds of extra fast jets could be flying over Europe within ten years, but documents show the EU preparing to cede oversight of their huge CO2 emissions

Transparency is essential to make aviation climate deal work

As countries write the rules for airlines to offset their emissions growth, they must make sure there is no double-counting

British Airways: UN aviation deal won’t bite till 2030s

Lack of global coverage means new pact to limit aviation pollution will do little to limit carbon growth in 2020s says sustainability chief of one of world’s top airline groups

A global climate deal for aviation! So what next?

James Beard of WWF outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the carbon offsetting plan agreed for air travel – and work needed to align it with climate goals

Reaction: Aviation climate deal agreed in Montreal

A visionary approach or a green myth? Industry groups and campaigners give their verdict

UN aviation pact will not be aligned with Paris climate goals

Mention of the 1.5C and 2C global warming thresholds has been stripped from the latest text at Montreal talks

Qatar set to opt into UN aviation climate pact

Move by Middle Eastern airport hub boosts chances of a global deal to curb airline emissions in Montreal

EU urges global support for UN aviation climate plan

Leading airlines, US, China and EU all support plans for new UN aviation emissions deal, but green groups say it’s far to weak to limit 1.5C or 2C of warming



Arctic countries call for regional heavy fuel oil ban at UN shipping talks

Melting sea ice is opening the Arctic up to increased maritime traffic, raising fears of toxic fuel spills and climate pollution

The shipping sector has the technology to go green, it just needs the policy signal

The International Maritime Organization should build on growing industry awareness and agree an ambitious climate target for shipping this week

UN, EU climate chiefs call for ambitious shipping strategy from IMO

The UN’s Patricia Espinosa urged negotiators at the International Maritime Organization to adopt a deal this week that supports the Paris Agreement

Climate talks for shipping ‘on a knife-edge’ as deadline looms

A draft text would see shipping halve its carbon footprint by 2050, but experts say that falls short of the Paris Agreement goals

Shipping climate talks begin amid protests and concerns over influence

Talks on curbing shipping’s carbon footprint started in London on Tuesday with ongoing transparency issues foremost in the minds of those outside the room

Will the IMO deliver the climate deal of 2018?

As a key meeting kicks off in London, the hopes of climate hawks are pinned on the shipping industry finally setting course for reform after years in the doldrums

Shipping lobby urges EU to compromise on maritime climate target

Calls for a 70-100% cut in shipping emissions by 2050 are “unlikely to achieve consensus support”, warns influential trade body ahead of a key UN meeting

Avocado trade threatened by shipping climate measure, say Chile, Peru

Speed limits at sea could cut shipping’s carbon footprint fast, but fresh fruit exporters are raising concerns about trade impacts ahead of a critical UN meeting



Europe’s coming gigafactory boom, mapped

Across Europe a wave of gigafactories are coming online, ready to meet the battery demands of a continent-wide switch to electric cars

Let’s ban car advertising to protect public health

Public health hazards like smoking commonly face advertising restrictions. Simon Dalby of Wilfrid Laurier University asks why we don’t do the same for climate change

Marshall Islands president says shipping registry supports climate action

The Pacific island nation and world’s second largest flag registry is pushing for immediate measures and a tough long term target to tackle shipping’s climate impact

Juncker’s ‘Rasputin’ moved to weaken EU electric car push – sources

Martin Selmayr, the powerful Brussels chief of staff, ordered commissioners to drop sanctions that would punish carmakers for missing proposed electric vehicle targets

Scotland sets 2032 ban on new diesel and petrol cars, funds carbon capture

First minister Nicola Sturgeon announced conventional car phase-out eight years ahead of the rest of the UK, plus finance for a carbon capture project in Aberdeenshire

Lobbying data reveals carmakers’ influence in Berlin

As a dieselgate-charged election approaches, data reveals German officials met with auto lobbyists more than once every two days to discuss the scandal

Climate Weekly: EU heading for electric car quota

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EU ‘increasingly likely’ to implement electric car quota, despite denials

Quota on the production of electric cars by 2030 would be mandatory, according to sources