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Сoal loading in the seaport of the city of Vladivostok, Russia in October 2021 (Photo: Dmitry Sharomov/Greenpeace)


Climate Home News is taking the rest of the year off. We’re tired and ready to celebrate Christmas, to the extent this infernal plague will let us.

We leave you with, appropriately enough, a tale of Middle Eastern refugees.

Around 80,000 Syrians have settled in Za’atari in Jordan, which sprung up at the peak of the civil war in 2012. It’s not an ideal place to live, in a remote patch of desert, but it’s the best home they have for the foreseeable future.

Rabiya Jaffery reports from the camp on how solar power transformed residents’ fortunes – and their hunger for more hours of electricity to connect to the wider world.

Look out for a few scheduled articles on the site next week, including a look back on a paradoxical year for coal, with leaders agreeing to a phasedown just as global coal power generation reached its highest level ever.

In the meantime, test how much you remember from the year’s climate news with our 2021 quiz.

Stay safe and see you in 2022.

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