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Grasping the horns of regional responsibility

Regione Abruzzo

Regione Abruzzo is found in central Italy, on the Adriatic coast. Its four provinces are L’Aquila, Teramo, Chieti and Pescara; 305 municipalities and 1,500,000 inhabitants. One third of its territory is a national or regional park.

Local and regional energy agencies support the transition to more sustainable energy systems. They spread management practices, provide information guidance, and offer a range of services based on specific local needs. ARAEN (Agenzia Regionale per l’Energia della Regione Abruzzo) discusses its progress within Italy, and outlines the steps it is taking to achieve this.

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The agency joined the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. This is a European Commission initiative to raise public awareness and promote sustainable energy to individuals and organisations, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies, industry associations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) across Europe.

It has signed up to the Covenant of Mayors; this means the Abruzzo region aim to achieve at least 20% CO2 emission reduction by implementing sustainable energy actions. Two out of its four provinces (Teramo, Chieti) have already become Supporting Structures to the Covenant. These are public administration bodies that provide the necessary strategic guidance, financial and technical support to their municipalities who are signing up to the Covenant of Mayors.

ARAEN’s areas of focus

  1. Energy Saving: Increase energy efficiency in public and private construction services and industry. Promote the use of energy-saving building techniques and materials, both in the public and private sectors;

  2. Renewable Energy: Support the regional energy policies relating to the development and use of renewable sources including biomass, mini hydraulics, thermal solar power, photovoltaic solar power, wind power; and,

  3. Low Environmental Impact Energy Sources: Boost the use of new fuels for emission reduction in the mobility sector. Develop new technology around low environmental impact energy sources. Increase the use of these sources, such as: natural gas, biodiesel / bioethanol, LPG, electric power in transport, and hydrogen.

The recent decentralisation in the laws around the energy sector has transferred functions and responsibilities for environment and energy to the local authorities. The Regional Energy Plan (PER) is the main technical document through which the Abruzzo Region directs its interventions, choices and priorities. Its two stages are firstly, analysis and classification, and secondly, definition of the plan for action – the region is in this second phase.

The main contents of the PER are:

  1. Design and implementation of energy policies;

  2. Economic management of primary energy sources (geothermal, methane etc.);

  3. Development of alternatives to the consumption of hydrocarbon;

  4. Limiting the environmental impact and public health damage from fossil fuel use; and,

  5. Participation in activities aimed at sustainable development.

Energiochi is an annual regional competition to promote energy-saving criteria, renewable energy sources, and raise awareness of how everyday behaviour impacts the environment, as well as to foster sustainable consumption-oriented behaviours. Initiated in 2005, it targets regional primary and secondary schools, involving more than 12,000 students, 300 schools and 500 teachers.

It is these ways that Regione Abruzzo is responding to needs of its community and seeking to achieve its overarching objectives of producing energy from alternative sources and saving energy.

EU projects where Regione Abruzzo is involved:
  • ENERWOOD Interreg IIIA – renewable energy and forest management;
  • REGENERGY Interreg IIIC – network of pioneering communities and regions working on innovative heat energy solutions;
  • PROBIO Intelligent Energy Europe – integrated promotion of the biodiesel chain;
  • BIOGAS REGIONS IEE project – promotion of biogas and its market development through local and regional partnerships; and,
  • MORE4ENERGY Interreg IVC – exchanging best practice on sustainable energy policies.
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Regione Abruzzo

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