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Responding to Climate Change 2011

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Ultimate hospitality – CSR on all fronts

Palace Resorts

Aventura Cove Palace Hotel
Aventura Cove Palace Hotel

Social responsibility is no longer just conversation, rather an essential element to the hospitality industry, and one of paramount importance in today’s corporate world. As one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, the continuous growth in tourism will place great stress on the surrounding biologically diverse habitats and indigenous cultures. Known as an industry leader in social responsibility hospitality initiatives, Palace Resorts discusses its continuous green efforts. Supported by the Palace Foundation, they have significantly raised the standard for sustainable tourism.

Certified to the hilt

The company was the first group member globally to join EarthCheck – the environmental sustainability programme that is raising the certification benchmark. Through EarthCheck, Palace Resorts has implemented new systems to monitor measure and manage resort operational efficiencies, adhering to the highest scientific standards for sustainable tourism, including eco-friendly approaches to operations, conservation measures and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As a result of fulfilling all the new EarthCheck policies, Palace Resorts has also successfully been certified under the Meso American Reef Tourism Initiative (MARTI), which awards companies which protect the region’s natural landscape through sustainable hotel operations. The company’s golf courses are also the first Latin American properties to be awarded the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) certification which has the recognition and endorsement of the United Nations and the World Wildlife Foundation, as a result of the green design, construction, studies of impact and environmental practices. Fully committed to environmental efforts and sustainability, Palace Resorts also holds the Calidad Ambiental Turistica certification.

Palace Resorts image

To complement the company’s environmental efforts, Palace Resorts created the Palace Foundation, which supports the land and people of Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Jalisco and Nayarit in México and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The Palace Foundation strives to enrich and enhance the lives of the people residing in areas where Palace Resorts properties exist, as well as supporting and initiating environmental causes and programmes. To that end, the Foundation has created four committees, each dedicated to specific initiatives that contribute to the organisation’s overall mission.

The Social Welfare Committee is charged with assisting the advancement of the surrounding societies by promoting the personal development and growth of its members. This includes psychological and legal assistance by partnering with professionals who specialise in psychiatric and substance abuse services, in addition to support and legal advice for women.

The Foundation’s Environmental Committee strives to educate guests and staff on the importance of prevention practices, while instilling and integrating environmental policies into the corporate culture. The committee aims to balance the development of business with the environmental wealth in the area by enforcing the five “R”s of Environmental Education:

  • reduce the amount of waste and trash generated;
  • reject the use of non-environmentally friendly products;
  • reuse by maximising the use of products and objects before discarding them and using them for new and different purposes;
  • recycle by creating and manufacturing new products without the use of natural resources, but rather with already existing materials; and,
  • respect all forms of life while protecting the environment.

Additional committees include Palace Foundation’s Health Committee, which provides support to individuals with disorders and serious health problems that have put their lives at risk due to lack of financial resources. The Education Committee, through partnerships with area universities and educational institutions, strives to provide the local youth in need with the tools necessary to complete their education and develop into individuals who can contribute to society.

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Palace Resorts

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