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Responding to Climate Change 2011

Home | Foreword | Francesca Broadbent, Editor, Responding to Climate Change


Francesca Broadbent, Editor, Responding to Climate Change 2011

This year, hopes of a legally-binding treaty are not running quite so high, and agreement on mitigation targets and sources of finance seem further away than ever. In the absence of diplomatic solutions and an exit from the recession, the negotiations are turning to business for leadership in these two areas. These expectations appear to have increased exponentially in the last twelve months. Is business ready and indeed willing?

RTCC and the International Chamber of Commerce are investigating this in a roundtable on Setting conditions and mobilising finance, provisionally scheduled for 1 December in Cancún. To find out more information on the speakers and times, please email [email protected].

At RTCC, we continue to be encouraged by the breadth and depth of action happening at the coal face. The map opposite shows how companies and organisations worldwide have thrown their hat into the ring of climate change action. From Equatorial Guinea to Kuwait to the Netherlands, there are an array of initiatives and display of commitment – it is all that is good about the basic principles of entrepreneurship.

SMEs, local government and NGOs stand side by side with multinationals in taking the planet’s future seriously. Of particular note is the reaction of universities worldwide. They have had a difficult time restoring academic credibility amidst the 2010 sceptic glee, but all the signs indicate greater intra-institutional partnerships, interdisciplinary knowledge sharing, and more transparency. When the going gets tough, the tough surely gets going.

In other areas, forward-thinking cities and regions are marching on, inspiring many of us to consider relocating. Poland is well represented with Poznań and Warsaw flying the sustainable flag. In Sweden, they are taking a rigorous look at the supply chain, and how to change purchasing behaviour.

The Spotlight on Energy section reveals the latest renewable technologies including printed batteries and novel wind turbines. The magazine also explores initiatives from high-impact industries, such as transport and construction, addressing mitigation and adaptation issues. From a prefabricated house to amphibious machinery, the technology is out there.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and clearly business does as well. How much so is yet to become apparent.

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