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Responding to Climate Change 2011

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Manufacturing – addressing
lifecycle and impact

Mehler Texnologies

The protection and preservation of the environment are about more than just recycling and the management of resources and waste. Whether they are SMEs or global players, companies cannot shirk the responsibility they have towards future generations. Taking it easy today is storing up trouble for the future.

Daily, more and more products are created to raise the comfort levels of mankind, from deep-frozen vegetables to satellite navigation devices. All of these require raw materials and energy for their manufacture. These products are either consumed immediately or need to be disposed of at the end of their lifetime, with consequences for the environment and climate. International coating company, Mehler Texnologies, explores how products
need to be judged on the extent to which they are ecologically neutral or harmful.

Innovations of tomorrow

The manufacturing industry in particular needs to look at its processes. Alongside the use of ecologically unobjectionable raw materials and the further development of sustainable production, investment is required to improve production equipment.

Energy-efficient manufacturing and process optimisation to avoid production waste are further steps towards the producing goods that can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner at the end of their lifetime. These considerations will lead to tomorrow’s innovations.

In the future, the companies will have to act in an economically sensible, ecologically considerate and socially responsible manner, in keeping with the principle of sustainability. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technical textiles, Mehler Texnologies has created Eco-care, a system that aligns all corporate activities with environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The objective is to harmonise economic goals with ecological requirements. These include the strict observation of prescribed regulations such as the European chemicals directive REACH, adherence of the manufacturing process to national and international standards (DIN, EN, ISO) and the utilisation of various instruments for waste processing and recycling via membership of associations and co-operatives.

Beyond the standards frameworks, the commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability is drawn to a significant extent from the company itself. Mehler Texnologies is testing the substitution of economically and ecologically relevant materials in its laboratories, with the aim of producing products that will satisfy both the quality requirements of the market and wider ecological remit.

Production processes have been modified to enable the required energy and the subsequent emissions to be reduced and incorporated into energy recycling circuits. Alterations to machines mean production-related waste will be minimised. This waste will be used to make new products or mechanically processed and returned to the production process.

The decisive aspect here is that each production site only processes and recycles the residual material from that site, resulting in reduced transport costs and exhaust emissions.

Research projects are underway to develop new technical textiles. A number of these are being conducted in co-operation with well-known institutes that focus on energy and resource-saving processes. The aim is to develop new materials that can be utilised in environmentally and energy-relevant applications, such as the air-conditioning of rooms or in plants to produce regenerative energy.

The long-term goal of the research is to consolidate Mehler Texnologies balance sheets for the technical textiles, from an ecological perspective and considering life cycle. For the company, eco-care means creating manufacturing procedures and products that satisfy as many resource, environment and climate protecting imperatives as possible.

Mehler eco-care logoThe Eco-Care concept incorporates how Mehler Texnologies deals with energy and resources, its use of environmentally sustainable materials and its activities related to the recycling of coated textiles.

It accompanies Mehler products throughout their entire lifecycle, including the incorporation of ecological criteria in the selection of raw materials, the use of environmentally friendly production processes, sending waste to recycling systems and the utilisation of recyclable packaging materials.

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Mehler Texnologies

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