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Responding to Climate Change 2011

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Power supply: close-up of Brazil

Light Esco


Not only is Brazilian power supply set to rise significantly over the next 20 years, but the electric power choices the country makes may influence the global response to climate change out of proportion to its emissions, as Brazil is considered an environmental leader among developing countries. Reforms are underway and hydropower will feature through 2015, although it is believed its relative share will decrease.

Leading Brazilian company, the Light Group, explains how, in 105 years of history, they have operated in the power sector with a commitment to corporate sustainability, excellence in service and value for shareholders.

Part of the every day

They have built power stations, supplied power and public lighting to residents in Rio de Janeiro and engaged in other infrastructure segments, including telecommunications, gas supply and public transportation.

Present throughout the entire power supply chain, their companies include Light SESA in distribution, Light Energia in generation, and Light Esco and Light Com responsible for electricity sales and services to customers.

Hydropower will feature through 2015, although…relative share will decrease

Light Esco sells electricity and provides services and infrastructure to the entire national market; one of its roles being to develop solutions tailored to each customer’s consumption and production profile. In addition to trading electricity from both conventional and renewable sources, the company provides services for free to consumers as an intermediary, agent and consultant. A core business is trading electricity from renewable sources such as small hydropower plants, wind farms, solar farms and biomass-fired steam power plants.

Light Esco develops and implements projects to help customers save electricity and costs. The projects are developed under performance-based contracts, meaning customers do not have to invest – Light Esco supplies the required investment. The customer pays based on the performance of the energy efficiency improvements. Structural projects provide the infrastructure solutions required to supply power with greater energy efficiency.

City-wide pride

Electricity Pylons

The company’s century-old headquarters building is in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is experiencing a unique chapter in its history. Residents have visibly regained their sense of civic pride thanks to political cooperation and joint efforts in the municipal, state and federal spheres of government, the success of Pacification Police Units in their law enforcement efforts, and the selection of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

These sports events have accelerated the city’s sustainable development, and led the Light Group, through Light Esco and with the support of the Power Cogeneration Industry Association (COGEN), to launch Programa Rio Energia 2016, a programme to create a business environment and partnerships for cogeneration, infrastructure and energy efficiency projects in the capital.

Confidence in our future is possible thanks to our commitment to the generations of today and the generations to come. Demonstrations of this commitment range from the use of clean and renewable energy sources – free of greenhouse gas emissions – to the dissemination of an energy-saving culture.

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Light Esco

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