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Responding to Climate Change 2011

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Smart electrification –
the key to addressing the energy challenge

International Electrotechnical Commission

International Electrotechnical Commission - environmental footprints

The demand for energy is growing fast, and for electricity even faster. Current energy production methods are unsustainable for both resource and environmental reasons. Smart electrification – the intelligent and economic use of electricity as a major energy source – will potentially be one of the most significant factors in addressing the energy challenge and mitigating climate change without holding back economic development.

Electricity is the most versatile and controllable form of energy, the easiest and most efficient to distribute. At the point of use, it is practically loss-free and essentially non-polluting, and it can also be generated cleanly. Many more things should be electrified because this is the most efficient way of consuming energy.

Efforts need to be focused in those areas that offer the most significant emission reductions and efficiency increases. This requires both efficient generation and economy of use. Economy of use depends crucially on the systems perspective, which allows efficiencies that are not achievable when considering only one element at a time.

This also implies that technology-based climate change initiatives be increasingly coordinated on a global basis, to avoid duplication, ensure optimal interoperability and reduce waste of time and effort.

The sum of many voices

The IEC is the channel for the expression of the collective wisdom on any particular electrotechnical issue. With 162 participating countries and thousands of experts, it is the global technology facilitator who is able to demonstrate feasibility and ensure a technically sound approach. Relying on the IEC’s technical competence and ability to involve all relevant stakeholders is one factor among many that will allow the global community to build a better future.

Download your free copy of the IEC White Paper on Smart Electrification: www.iec/smartelectrification

It summarises the wide array of energy efficiency opportunities and technologies that are available at present and provides insights into the roadmap for future standardisation work.

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International Electrotechnical Commission

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