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Responding to Climate Change 2011

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Back to the drawing board on climate change

COP-16 Alliance

COP-16 Alliance supplied image

By the year 2050, over 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities. México has already exceeded this percentage with an urban population of 76% – and the impact of urban growth is clear. According to The Stern Review, buildings cause 8% of the greenhouse gas effect. If we consider the amount of electricity and heating they require, this amounts to 20%.

How can industry, in particular architects, reverse this? It is only by partnership between the industrial and academic world and joint efforts from government and citizenship that we will be able to design cities with a sustainable vision for the responsible use of land and a better quality of life.

This inspired a group of different organisations to establish the COP-16 Alliance. Its main objective is to support proposals and projects in sustainable architecture and urban development from any architect, project team or institution in need of technical information or a specialised point of view. The Alliance explores collaborative opportunities that will diminish the negative impacts from construction, at the same time as enhancing our collective economic, social and cultural lives.

Neighbourhood Development

  • Create sustainable communities while encouraging compact growth and improving public transport;
  • Recover public spaces to foster social coexistence and growth;
  • Open “opportunity spaces” in coordination with the authorities; and,
  • Redesign México’s cities planning, considering cultural and social needs.

Sustainable Architecture

  • Encourage mixed land-use neighbourhood developments;
  • Design green buildings in coordination with local governments; and,
  • Use environmental-friendly technologies and materials.

Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable education;
  • Generate collective awareness to improve the surroundings and the urban landscape; and,
  • Work with Mexican citizens to revert urban deterioration.

Special Procedure and Applicable Legislation

  • Promote tax incentives when constructing green buildings; and,
  • Create and promote regulations regarding constructing processes and environmental-friendly buildings.

Action Evaluation

  • Recognition of social and professional actions and proposals that directly affect climate change response.
Members of the Alliance
México City’s Architects Institute
A union that represents the interests of architects in México City
Mexican Architect’s Association
National union organisation that pulls together different branches of architecture
Urban Land Institute (ULI)
Independent not-for-profit institute which promotes leadership in the responsible use of land, with global members from the entire spectrum of real-estate discipline
Ceramic tile company in constant search for innovation in tile products with the latest technology and highest quality standards
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
This institute of higher education, rated as one of the top hundred universities worldwide, embraces free public education and works to serve society while turning out useful professionals
Faculty of Architecture, UNAM
This Architecture school, founded in 1781, instructs architects, city planners, industrial designers and landscapers on internationally-recognised programmes
Continuous Education programme of UNAM’s Faculty of Architecture
Promotes and spreads knowledge among members of the Architectural school
Picciotto Arquitectos
With more than 20 years experience on environmentally-viable architecture, they are pioneers in energy saving and technological innovation in México

Cop 16 Alliance logos
Picciotto Arquitectos,
Colegio de Arquitectos de Mexico,
Urband Land Institute Mexico,
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM,

Strategic Partners
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