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Logging surge threatens a quarter of Estonia’s forest, warn conservationists

: Baltic state lobbied for flexibilities in EU rules to enable a dramatic increase in forestry, turning its thriving woodland into a net emitter of carbon by 2030

UK climate strategy has ‘significant gaps’, advisers warn

: The government must increase ambition for electric vehicles and invest more in carbon capture and storage, an independent panel has advised

The Chinese coal city that electrified its entire taxi fleet

: Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, replaced 8,000 petrol-powered taxis with electric vehicles in a single year. What did we learn?

Climate Weekly: Macron grabs Merkel’s climate crown

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Climate change is driving migration from Vietnam’s Mekong delta

: Saltwater intrusion and drought are destroying crops in one of the most fertile places on earth, prompting an exodus of farmers

Tesla’s South Australian super battery beats expectations for first month

: The world’s largest lithium ion battery has brought much needed flexibility to the grid, encouraging other states to follow suit

International dismay at Germany’s 2020 climate target lapse

: Reports Berlin will abandon its ambitious carbon-cutting goal with two years to go are “disheartening” and “problematic”, say observers

Macron urges Chinese people to “make our planet great again” – in Mandarin

: French president did not announce any new climate initiatives with Xi Jinping on China visit, but his efforts to learn the language went viral

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Climate Conversation

Five big gaps in national climate plans – and how to close them

The Paris climate deal is based on pledges from 165 countries, but there are major omissions that need addressing before the next round in 2020

Remake Puerto Rico’s power grid and create a universal basic income

While any move away from fossil fuels is welcome, we need to think bigger about what resilience could mean for Puerto Rico

Sexual harassment at UN talks weakens the fight against climate change

‘Zero tolerance’ only works when victims feel comfortable coming forward. Meanwhile smart, passionate women are driven away from the UN process

Let’s ban car advertising to protect public health

Public health hazards like smoking commonly face advertising restrictions. Simon Dalby of Wilfrid Laurier University asks why we don’t do the same for climate change

Your greatest hope against climate change is standing beside you

As COP23 marks Climate Justice Day, the right to participation holds the key to turning the tide on climate change, writes the former Irish president

Is the Paris climate deal legally binding or not?

“Like hell it’s non-binding,” Donald Trump has said of the 2015 UN deal to cut carbon pollution. Is he right?

Puerto Rico hurricane shows islands must have renewable energy

As the world resumes climate talks in Bonn next month, island states will use the devastating hurricane season to fuel calls for expanded renewable energy investment

‘UN reformer’ Guterres must do more on climate change

Climate change risks are global and intersecting, so why doesn’t the UN do more to treat them that way?


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