China’s plan to cut shipping emissions

With pollution from shipping killing 18,000 Chinese every year, the government is cracking down on the use of dangerous fuels in port

Decommission North Sea oil rigs? Here’s a better idea

Rather than waste vast amounts of taxpayer money pulling defunct rigs from the sea, why not spend it on something useful?

After floods, Peru has an opportunity to rebuild smarter

Facing an enormous clean-up job, Peru must think about a future where flood like those in March become ever more common

To save communities from rising seas, we must open our ears

As modernity creeps into Tanna, Vanuatu, climate change is just one of many new challenges. We cannot fight the former without understanding the whole

Indian court awards legal rights of a person to entire ecosystem

An Indian state has awarded full legal status to an entire ecosystem. But can such a right be protected?

Have Chinese CO2 emissions really peaked?

We are really bad at predicting Chinese emissions. Why do we think we know what happens next?

Prince Charles’ Ladybird book is a climate communications masterpiece

With strong sales and positive coverage in the rightwing press, the prince’s children’s book has found a way to speak across the divided politics of climate change

Trump’s ban: ‘I want to study in US to save my country from climate change’

The only way to defend Sudan against the conflict and starvation of climate change is through education. Trump’s ban cuts us off from that, writes Lina Yassin


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We already have a magic technology that sucks up carbon

Why have emissions plans that rely on removing carbon from the air with unproven technologies when forests can do it today?

How the G20 could save Paris climate deal from Trump

Donald Trump appears bent on unpicking the globalist cooperation that made a climate change accord possible. Can the world’s other powers band together to stop him?

What a great time to be a climate journalist

As he hands the secret Climate Home editor codes and knackered laptop to Karl Mathiesen, Ed King reflects on the five years since he launched the site

Green groups don’t get conservatives – it’s time this changed

Conservatives are committed to science-based public policy on the environment, but for too long their voice has been ignored by civil society

6 takeaways from the 2017 EU state of the energy union

Brussels bids for climate leadership as US backs out, but stocktake shows clean energy momentum slowing and a carbon lock-in risk from gas pipelines

Memo to Donald: green growth is the deal of the century

Mitigating and adapting to climate change globally represents an incredible investment opportunity – Trump should get with the programme

Diplomatic blowback of US climate retreat may hurt Trump

The last time a US administration quit a UN climate deal was in 2000, and George W Bush’s team described the angry response from capitals as a ‘sobering experience’

Mr Trump, planetary conditions are not negotiable

Japan’s former environment and climate ambassador offers his analysis on how the international community can tackle the US president’s climate war

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Your views: climate hope in the Trump era

Email subscribers are keeping up the positive vibes with a focus on state and community-level efforts, while staying connected

Our climate heroes of 2016

Climate Home writers pick some of the defiant optimists they came across in 2016

7 things you missed at COP22 while Trump hogged the headlines

It was a ‘uuugggggee story. But while the media reacted in horror, the world – soon to be renamed Planet Trump – and the COP22 climate talks kept turning

Arctic faces ‘boom’ in shipping as ice melts

The luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity is embarking on an historic voyage through the Arctic, and it’s likely to herald a surge in similar trips say experts at ICCT

Why post-Brexit UK can be a climate champion

Ex No.10 advisor says Brussels has held back British climate ambitions: without its oppressive regulations carbon emissions can fall further and faster

Global warming hit 1.46C in March as records fall

Planet set for fifth successive warming year with average 1.21C temperature rises above 1850-1900 levels, a big increase on the 1.06C warming in 2015

Spiral-tastic: Climate change in three animations

These mesmerising climate visuals tell the story of how emissions have stoked global warming since 1850

India’s energy revolution accelerates, as solar costs near coal

Recent energy auctions suggest solar prices are falling fast in India, but we need to see whether these projects are actually delivered on time, at such low prices



Podcast: Bangladeshi expert talks rich-poor tensions and 1.5C

On the penultimate day of UN climate talks in Paris, Saleemul Huq tells Climate Home finance is key to unlocking a strong global pact

Podcast: How climate vulnerable countries are setting the agenda in Paris

Megan Darby talks to Monica Araya, former Costa Rica negotiator and founder of think tank Nivela, about an extraordinary push for a 1.5C global warming limit at COP21

Podcast: What has happened to the UK’s energy policy?

Ed King, Business Green’s James Murray and Nick Molho from the Aldersgate Group discuss the state of low carbon planning in the UK

Podcast: climate change and the refugee crisis

PODCAST: Megan Darby is joined by Labour MP Barry Gardiner and Chatham House’s Glada Lahn to discuss global warming & migration links

The Emissions Factor podcast: Bonn climate talks review

PODCAST: Ed King is joined by Michael Jacobs, Pilita Clark plus we hear from Christiana Figueres, Laurence Tubiana and Dan Reifsnyder

The Emissions Factor Podcast: Is optimism ahead of Paris justified?

PODCAST: This week Ed King is joined by Richard Black, Farhana Yamin and Lisa Friedman – plus an interview with Connie Hedegaard