Why India’s waste pickers are key to a fair climate deal

Low-carbon measures could increase urban poverty if a clean transition is not carefully managed, research from IIED suggests

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As fears mount over future of US climate policy global coalition of cities announces new leadership and plans to clean up energy and transport emissions

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Time for cities to get a seat at global climate talks?

As the world continues to warm, cities are housing ever greater numbers − yet they have no voice in climate talks

Indigenous leaders call on Canada’s Trudeau to uphold Paris deal

Keystone XL oil pipeline and Site C hydropower dam are a test of the government’s commitment to indigenous rights, say objectors

Former US slave nation heads to Marrakech climate summit

“It means so much to our community for me to get there and have our story be a part of this finally,” says Queen Quet of the Gullah-Geechee nation

Habitat III: what to expect from the UN’s urban summit

It only takes place every 20 years and does not bind participating governments to anything, but Habitat III can help shape greener, cleaner cities

In pictures: the energy poor of Africa’s biggest slum

Kibera is a maze of dangerous wiring, as people without clean or safe energy resort to illegal grid connections

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Architect of Paris climate deal plans to mobilise green finance with city mayors, bankers and philanthropists

Can Christian groups heal bitter US climate rift?

If those motivated more by faith than science joined those motivated more by science than faith, climate deniers could be crowded out of the public discourse

Palm oil: bad news for forests, and your liver

Documentary maker Michael Dorgan ate three muffins made with palm oil each day. Much of the fat he gained was clustered around his vital organs